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Animated explainer videos for small business

Animated explainer videos for small business

Staff Training, Product Promotion, Procedure Explanation and more ...

What Are 'Animated Explainer Videos'?

Animated explainer videos seem similar like regular cartoons that are often use in advertising for corporate or small business alike. But, in fact, video explainers very specific function and methodology - they are an educational tool. Although this media is used in marketing, it's aim is to inform.

What is Your Niche?

Whether your run brick and mortar business, online businesses or mixture of both your customers ought to know what makes you different. Tell them your story and what is in there for them.

Many businesses are highly specialised, even a niche of their on. They put a unique twist on services they provided in industries busy with competitors. They are often specialised small partnerships or single traders with an insight in the industry procedures.

But for potential clients it could be unclear how they could benefit from your expertise.

Uses of Animated Explainer Videos for Small Businesses

Both you and your clients can benefit from Explainer Videos. Event thou they animated explainers are not pushing the buyers to make a purchase in a classic advertising seance, they still tell them all the good stuff they need to know. So you will increase the sales while they would gain instant understanding of your offer.

Welcome or Onboarding Videos welcome your clients when they come onboard in your physical or online shop.

Explainer Videos can be part of a presentation. Data Visualisation Videos are how explainer videos started. When you put context of an entertaining story in data rich animated infographics you get a good explainer video. Animated infographics that focus on typography rather that characters look more of corporate.

Additionally, animated explainers can be used within the business to inform and train employees in procedures and as safety training videos.

As T&Cs [Terms and Conditions] are very important but only special few would ever fully read them - it's handy to pack them in informative but entertaining explainer. Compliance Education Video would help to avoid litigation and fines. An engaging video can help individuals and organizations avoid legal repercussions that result from doing things incorrectly.

Here are some examples of uses of animated explainer videos for small businesses:

• Welcome Videos

• Product Videos

• Service Description Videos

• Advertising Videos

• Safety training Videos

• Terms and Conditions - 'T&C' Videos

• Data Visualisation

• Animated Infographics

• Compliance Education Video

An Amazingly Versatile Tool

Explainer videos are very versatile media it can be shared on your website, social media, email, sms and in person. They can be elevator pitch, advertising and education all packed in a small entertaining memorable package. Contact us at Visual Capture to find out how your business can benefit this amazing tool.

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Animated Explainer Videos for Education and Marketing