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Advertising to the Seniors Market

Advertising to the Seniors Market

Explainer Videos for Seniors and Elderly

Advertising to the Senior Market

When it comes to advertising, seniors are some of the hardest clients to get on board. Even the seniors with significant buying power is less likely to make impulse buys than their younger peers. However, many elderly have a pressure of limited budgets or are incline to save. This part of the market is even more likely to seek the devil in the detail. It is safe to say that majority of senior buyers would like to have every aspect of a product or service explained to them prior to making a purchase. Many feel frustrated that the information is not delivered in clear and understanding way. This is where online video marketing can come into play. Delivering all the relevant facts trough eye catching entertaining animation would empower them to make the decision for themselves.

Check this interesting document about elderly in technological age. The note that seniors are major buyers of tablets - large enough to see but light enough to carry around.


Seniors Want Information

Seniors are a captivated audience that seek detailed information before making decisions. Explainer videos easily deliver complex concepts reaching even those with visual and hearing impairments.

Animated explainers could be the tool that you have been looking for to engage your senior audience. Whether your aim is to inform elderly of the service that is available to them or trying to sell them your product read on. There are reasons aplenty why you should use explainer animation to reach population over 65.


Like us all, seniors are a visuals. For us all, including seniors, it's easier to understand and retain information and concepts when the information is accompanied by visual aids. Explainer videos convey large chunks of information in an easy, eye-catching way. This feature not only keep their viewers interested, it ultimately gives them more information than any written text could.

Focus and Attention Span

Addressing younger population has it's challenges. We all heard about 3 second attention span of an average consumer, famously shorter than a gold fish who features 4 seconds.

Seniors as content consumers are different. Unlike younger viewers, they find constant bombardment with shot information distracting. Elderly like using their brains but would often chose non challenging content. They use their accumulated analytical skills and wast life experience to slowly digest information and come to their own conclusion. This audience analyse information carefully and in depth.

It is Effective to Explain to Those who like to Ponder

Explaining details with an animated video will ensure that visual information make sense triggering logical and emotional response. Longer videos or series of animation explainers can work well for elderly audience. It can dissect arguments while delivering content in fun and lighthearted manner.

Even thou good percentage of seniors don't like extreme challenges they are still curious fun loving humans. We have to make sure to tell a story that connects with and leverages their extensive life experiences.

They are at Home Watching

Elderly are staying at home for the majority of their time. Meaning they would spend a significant time watching or reading. During that time they are exposed to assortment of advertising and informative messages. Your animated explainer should be among those messages.

Accessibility for Hearing Loss and Visual Impairment

As normal part of ageing eye lens becomes less flexible resulting in long sitedness. This age-related eye condition is called presbyopia. Result is that seniors cant see small details well and have reduced spectrum of colour. Here comes animated explainer with large bold colours, clear sharp simplified objects and bold readable fonts.

Another issue can be loss of hearing. With communication done is clear visual language those with impaired hearing can absorb information equally as non imapred consumers.

Just because the visuals are simplified does not mean that the story has to be. At Visual Capture we'll make sure that the story you tell to your senior customers is smart, interesting, informative and engaging.

Subtitles and Different Language Voice Over

Even if you are not aiming at senior population you should consider subtitling your explainer videos. Not just because of hearing loss. Youtube research shows that 80% of their videos are watched muted. Another important reason is that in multicultural country like Australia you can be certain that part of your audience aren't going to understand everything that is said. They are still your potential customers needing to absorb your message. Just English subtitles wold increase their understanding. Subtitles in community languages would target your audience perfectly.

Additionally we could record voice over in more than one language. If you are aware of large group of audience speaking another language better than English they would appreciate your effort.

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