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Explainer Videos for Government Organisations

Explainer Videos for Government Organisations

Departments, Organisations and Councils

Deliver Complex Policies and Communications

Animated Explainer Videos can be especially useful to organisations that deliver complex policies like different levels of government. Government organisations and law makers would ripe huge benefits from using Explainer Videos to communicate changes in laws and policies to everyone affected, which could count as many as the population of whole country.

A step in the right direction

Understanding the rules makes application of laws and policies easier and smoother. Government bodies moved most of their services online in recent years. Now they are becoming increasingly aware of the need to make interfaces and procedures more accessible and user friendly.

Some government run pages already have an explainer in place, which is a huge step forward. Explainers work and the space to utilise this easy eye catching media is vast. Even the pages with policies written in the attempt of plain layman English are long texts that the visitor needs to read. More importantly, they need to understand it and hopefully retain that knowledge for future use.

Animated explainer videos a media that clarify complex concepts

Animated explainer videos brakes complex messages into bite size multi sensory learning experience. Eye-catching visuals use common symbols to introduce new information explained by voice over, bold text accentuate most important conclusions while constant movement keeps the attention. Using animated video is a proven way of effective communication of ideas.

Any context can told trough explainer videos:

• Just summarising the major key points of the council website page trough explainer's relatable narrative can help population understand the information better.

• By using relatable animated video stories new public announcements can be placed in understanding context. Motion graphic, animated infographics and typography look official without being dull.

Explainer Videos can efficiently guide clients through important application processes provide clarity and remove the confusion.

Distribute Information Effectively

Explainer videos efficiently spread information and gain interest. For information how they can help your organisation communicate with public contact Visual Capture.

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Animated Explainer Videos for Education and Marketing