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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are?

What are explainers?

Video explainers or explainer videos are videos which purpose is to explain a concept, product, service, process or anything in between. They are focused on that one topic similar like paragraph in encyclopedia but more fun and easier to absorb. Video explainers are usually loaded with information and for that reason short. You could read a whole book about that same topic which would equivalent to two hour documentary.

How does explainer videos work?

There is a science and system that allows explainer videos work.


What type of explainers should I use?

At Visual Capture we create motion graphic, digital overlay, whiteboard animation, 2D and 3D animated explainers. You can delve more into classification of explainers HERE and decide what would work for you. Or LET'S TALK in details about your organisation and the purpose of your explainer and then we can decide together the best line of action.

What is an alternative to explainer?

Explainer videos are medium of it's own. Everything that is used to explain concepts is an alternative but none is as efficient. Besides communication benefits it boosts your branding and SEO.

Why animation?

Animation used in explainer videos is clear, simple and symbolic which all help audience understand the point better and remover confusion. However we offer digital overlay explainers which involve live video with animated motion graphics that clarify the topic.


Where can I use explainers?

You can show your explainer video everywhere your audience have access to screens. They are very shareable on your viewers' devices as well as your own. As the videos are short and small in size you can share them on the social media, website page or email. Also you can showcase them in your physical shop, market stall or presentation.

What can I use explainers for?

In a nutshell explainers can be use for education and marketing of products and services in business and organisations.

There are numerous researches telling us about short attention span of visitors to online platforms. Very few people read, many watch videos. Explainer videos increase conversion by 80% so just adding an explainer that talks about your text content can do just that.

Here is a lot more information about uses for explainer videos. USES FOR EXPLAINER VIDEOS

Are explainers a good fit for my business or organisation?

If you have digital presence; yes you should use explainers on all of your platforms. Even if it is just a Facebook page, rather than a website an explainer lock to the top of your Fb page can tell every visitor exactly what you are offering and how to find it.

Some industries haven't adapted to this technology yet, that gives you the opportunity to grab the audience with the easy conversion explainer videos offer.


What is the cost of explainer videos?

Please check our PRICING PAGE. The structure is based on complexity and the length of the project.

Is the price negotiable?

For many businesses price can be an issue, we can relate to that being in small business for a long time. That is why we keep our prices affordable in comparison how much work we put in creating the videos. Please check our PRICING PAGE to find the product that suits your budget.


How does your process work?

Short version is: Deposit > Script > Timeline > Voiceover > Animation > Post production > Balance > Delivery

Between every creative stage you have an input.

How long it will take?

From paying the deposit to delivery the process will in average would take about three weeks, more for complex projects.

How can I help you to make great explainer video for me?

Every video that we make is unique and tailor made for your purpose. As the purpose of the video is a key to it's clarity and ultimate success, your job is to have a defined purpose. It does not matter if it is an abstract idea, a feeling you want to convey or a straight forward product tutorial. After having a good chat about it we will work as a team on your script. From there you can relax, we will touch base with you to share milestones.

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