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Why Explainer Videos Work for Education, Corporate and Training

Well made explainer video has advantages for both you and your target audience. Benefits of the fact that in less than 2 minutes the viewers will learn what you want them to know while being entertained cannot be overstated. Then the video place on your web-page will improve your SEO and the customer conversion, to state just the few.

There are rules, backed by science, that all good explainer videos follow. But in essence the yin-and-yang of animated explainers is story and storytelling tools.

Science behind Explainer Videos

These are storytelling building blocks we use and following the system of multi-sensory integration. We like science here in our explainer video company so we named it Visual Capture after psychological phenomenon - meaning in nutshell 'seeing is believing'.

However, to convey really strong message in an explainer video we need to show more then visuals.

The more senses are integrated in this process better the learning outcome will be. There are other mental processes are incorporated and the same message is reinforced in several different ways.


1. The Appeal of Videos

Videos appeal to our visual sens for sure, but there is more to it.

• Graphic elements and symbols used in explainer videos are common and easy to recognise. They have to be part of daily life of very well known in popular culture as the unknown in the story is built on them.

• Colour scheme in animated explainer videos is simplified. There are large blocks of often bright colours contrasted with white or neutral background. So using the language of colours is easy. That is why branding and using other colour messaging in explainers works like a charm.


• Facial recognition is very important for instant relatability. Researches show that we react to cartoon faces somewhat faster than real ones and happy faces more intensely than sad. So it's a good idea to have a smiling animated character in the explainer.


2. Animation leads the narrative and tells the story

• Style of animation used in explainer video is very important in communicating your brand. Cartoon style explainer animation would make you look friendly and accessible while motion graphic explainer appears professional and corporate.


• Motion - constant movement of the explainer video animation keeps the viewer's focus on the screen and dims down external distractions.

3. Written text on the the screen

• Most relevant messages are repeated on the screen written in bold fonts. That is important to drill down the message but also engages another part of brain.


• We recommend using subtitles in all explainer videos as majority of video views are muted. Especially if you are using explainers on social media. If you are targeting multilingual audience we can help you with subtitles in different languages.


4. Audio

Audio elements of the video is just as important and can add to defining your brand and tone of message you want to communicate.

• Voice over narrates the script - it tells us the story. Hearing the story told adds another dimension while bringing all the visual element to the point.

• Music and sound effects, bring emotion and punctuate the storyline.



All video explainer tools mentioned above work to support the story.


Story, the soul of an explainer video is packed in the script. That is why Visual Capture spend considerable time with our clients perfecting the script. We need to consider several aspects:

1. Making the Brand Name Known

Your brand has to shine trough the video but we also consider how would you like your audience to response to this particular message. Those are two different concepts to consider in all the steps of video delivery.

A good example is GOVERNMENT BRANDING that is very much about serious business. But their animated explainers, in majority of cases, would work better if they are easy to digest and appear accessible to general public. On the opposite side of table sits a new start-ups. Video explainer could be their first point of contact with a potential customer, so the clarity of that first impression should not be underestimated.

Style of Explainer

If your explainer is targeted to corporate audience motion graphic style of animation would work to your advantage. On the other hand if you would like to put your audience at ease, or excite them, character based animation would have more response with your viewers. Personality does not need to be based on a character. It can come from synergy of all the elements.

Tone of Narration

Both voice and wording alike is extremely important in communicating your brand on conscious and subconscious levels.

Graphics and Colours

Of course, your colours and logo are be prominent in the animation. Where and how will they appear, how will they interact with other elements is another story.

2. Length of the video explainer:

How long is the piece of string? When it comes to explainer videos there is quite a definite answer. After 2 minutes of watching an animated explainer our focus is starts to sharply decline.

Brevity is essential for a good explainer; we have to be concise and exact in use of all the storytelling elements delivering clarity of the message. Explainer videos are designed to be packed with a trove of information for the viewers and retaining all the information would be difficult after that time.

There are numerous studies showing that explainers should not be longer than 3 minutes. Peak of attention being between 40 to 120 seconds giving ideal length for most of the types of welcome or product explainers.

There are other types of video explainers that can be and should be longer like extended tutorial videos or educational videos. Find out what type of explainer video would best suit your needs.


3. Telling a Story

However in those 120 seconds we still need to tell a story. There must be a transformation in the process: culmination of the main-points versus closure of the solutions. Most importantly we are looking for an emotional shift or aha-moments in the viewers.

Again the message has to be concise and clear, leaving no doubt with your viewer how to follow instructions or that your business / product / service is the perfect solution.

We will guide you through the whole process where you can be involved as much or as little as you feel. If there is still a little doubt that your venture would benefit from an animated video explainers check this advise to Australian small businesses.


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